Trophy Sponsorship

We would like to thank all of the wonderful folks who purchased Trophy Sponsorships for the 50th Annual Original Terlingua International Championship Chili Cookoff!

If you are interested in we would love to give you the opportunity to sponsor one (or more) of 23 trophies.  Complete sponsorship details are HERE!

 You don't want to miss out on this opportunity.  So far, here's what we have: 

Championship Chili Sponsor's Name
1st Place - $1,000 Terlingua Ghost Town
The Ivey Family
2nd Place - $500 Tolbert's Restaurant
In Memory of
Wayne Fleming
3rd Place - $300 Screen*Sations
4th Place - $150 Larry & Barbara Williams
5th Place - $150 High Sierra Bar & Grill
Terlingua, TX
6th Place - $150 Tolbert's Restaurant
In Memory of
Al Hopkins
7th Place - $125 Tom Wooten
8th Place - $125 Kerry & Linda Weir
9th Place - $125 Tim Rice McClarty, AIA
In Memory of
Sam Pendergrast
10th Place - $125 Allegani Janie Schofield
In Honor of Jo Ann Horton

Salsa Sponsor's Name
1st Place - $200 Grapevine Scuba

Last Chance Chili Sponsor's Name
1st Place - $200 In Memory of
Wayne Fleming
2nd Place - $150 In Memory of
Jim Parker
3rd Place - $100 In Memory of

Show Trophies Sponsor's Name
Open 1st Place - $150 Good Home Inspection
Limited 1st Place - $150 Texas Martini Girls
One-Man 1st Place - $150 Lee & Laury McCullough
Open 2nd Place - $125 Grapevine Scuba
Limited 2nd Place - $125 Grapevine Scuba
One-Man 2nd Place - $125 Grapevine Scuba
Open 3rd Place - $100 Sharon & Bobby Haynes
Limited 3rd Place - $100 Sharon & Bobby Haynes
One-Man 3rd Place - $100 Sharon & Bobby Haynes

To Purchase a Trophy Sponsorship . .

Purchase an available Trophy Sponsorship by opening one of the below drop-down windows, select the Sponsorship level and click the Add to Cart button - it's that simple.

Note:  If you would like something other than your name to appear under the sponsor column, please be sure and put that information in the "Instructions to mechant" field when processing your PayPal payment.

If you would like to use a different method of payment, please contact us at


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Show Trophy Sponsorships

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